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just a warning

i traveled with this kid josh (who goes by either shaggy or nickles or sometimes both) for a minute earlier this year. we were supposidly good friends then in richmond va i went to go to the bathroom and left him with my pack (he's my road dog and we squatted together for a while in nyc so i didn't think anything would happen we were supposed to be family) and when i returned alas my pack and everything i owned was gone. now if he did this to someone that was supposed to be family imagine what he'll do to someone he just meets. i heard he was in new orleans i have people looking for him to take revenge on the theiving of my gear. feel free to take out any frustrations you may have on him (ie shitty spanging day, memories of your own gear getting stolen, someone looked at you funny) i know i would.....

this is meant as a friendly warning to anyone that may come across him not to trust him so don't jump down my throat if your friends with the kid and don't think he would/could ever do something like this because he has and he will do it again


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*edit* this is a pic of him
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