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First time, feelin' fine

Hitchhiking in the Catskills

My friend Lenka (Czech Rep.) and I (U.S.) are working at a summer camp for kids with developmental disabilities (Camp Loyaltown AHRC) right now. At home neither of us uses cars that much - we cycle. Lenka was telling me how much safer and easier it is to hitchhike in the Czech Republic. I had never done it before - been dying to. So we took a day off and thumbed our way to Woodstock.

Hitchhiking was so much fun! And really, one of the highlights was the little stops inbetween rides - being dropped in the middle of Catskill nowhere with mountains and creeks to swim in...

I can't wait to do it again. To anyone who's looking for a friendly place to thumb around and have a really green adventure - come to NY!
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ick. i dont like NY.
when you get away from the east hitchin is so much better.
i am glad you enjoyed your first experience thumbing!
i'll be hitching from Madison, WI to Seattle soon...
i leave in 18 days!!